1 day chart in portfolio


Could it be possible to also add a 1 day chart when looking at your portfolio to see you performance of the day on the chart, I don’t think it’s that diffecult to do…
TY in advance


Good suggestion.

I would also like to see a graph of the total profit/loss, with an optional indication in % over a selected period. For performance,a graph of the total portfolio worth is pretty useless becouse it is influenced alot by your account deposits. It gives a distorted picture.

A summary of the total received dividents would also be nice. Now I have to calculate it in Excel. Now most divident info is lost in the long transaction list of every stock.

As mentioned by some people before. We also miss an indication of realized profit/loss of certain share. If you fully close a position in a stock and later buy it back, every history of the stock is now deleted in your performance stats.


Hello all! :blush: I am going to ask my colleagues about these suggestions and I will keep you updated.