A sneak peek of the BUX web app

Hey BUX Community,

During the past few months, we have been working hard on the web app behind the scenes. Feel free to check out the design principles we’ve adopted for the upcoming web app. Link below:


So we can expect that the Webapp is live this year?


That looks amazing :fire: can’t wait to try it out!


By the way, I don’t know how up-to-date those screenshots are, but I noticed the search bar says “Find stock, ETF or sector”… wouldn’t “Find stock, ETF, or crypto” make more sense? Since those are the three major asset types offered.

Anyway, just a small piece of feedback :smile: other than that, it looks perfect!


Looks promising!


Awesome job! Can’t wait using this!


Yeah this is a really commonly requested feature for Zero (also dating back to the days when we only had the original BUX app). So it’s great to see it develop into something that will really add value.


Very good feature to have, especially if it adds a ton more detail not available in the app at the moment.


Do you guys have a go live date? :slight_smile:

No set dates yet, I don’t expect it in 2022 though.


Thanks for the swift reply


Awesome, was eagerly waiting for a WebApp :slight_smile:


Any update for the community @Nige ?

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@Brinkie I checked with the team responsible and they’re continuing to work hard on the project, once they have suitable updates they’ll be sharing them. It’s still going to take some time so it looks like it will be fully functional closer to the end of 2023, but before that I expect there could be some initial releases with limited functionality.


Ok thanks for the info!! Will the fully functional webapp also includes Crypto?

yes indeed, it will include everything we offer in the app.

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Hi @Nige, I did read the post on Medium again (Sept 1, 2022). there the following is indicated.


“We have assembled a dedicated team to bring the web app to life at full speed. We are optimistic that BUX users will be able to try out our web app in a few months. Stay tuned!”

This gave me the feeling that the web app would be used at the end of 2022. And not end 2023, that’s a delay of 12 months :face_holding_back_tears:.

That’s why i was asking. it wasn’t a very strange thought.

So my question is, what went wrong?

And perhaps adjust an update to the blog post on medium to correct it. That’s really necessary.

I would like to give a tip. Keep the community informed from time to time. Often something is posted without follow-up from BUX. So a topic is very quickly a dead topic. Come on and make the forum a success, together with your team. The community is ready for it!

Have a nice evening!

cool :slight_smile: :smiling_face:

Morning Brinkie, my last message is on the conservative side and also assuming full bells and whistles, it’s based on the latest info I receive internally. Before that we may indeed see an initial version released without certain functionality. I wouldn’t say anything has gone wrong! It’s great to see such enthusiasm on this development and I’ll make sure the team responsible for the project see your message.
Going forward, if I recieve any updates I’ll make sure to share them here.


Thanks @Nige for Your message. Is appreciated!

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