Aandeelhoudersvergadering bijwonen

Hi, ik wil graag beter begrijpen hoe het zit met het bijwonen van een aandeelhoudersvergadering.
Ik heb het bij support nagevraagd hoe ik bij een vergadering kan aanschuiven en ik kreeg als antwoord dat het duur is en dat je €150 cash op je rekening moet hebben.
Nu verbaasd het me dat het geld kost om zo’n vergadering bij te wonen.
Kan iemand misschien iets meer uitleggen waarom het geld kost en wat je daarvoor terugkrijgt in zo’n vergadering?

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Hi @Sarglt, thank you for your interest in participating to the sharehoolder meeting - I hope you don’t mind me answering in English. :slight_smile:

It is correct that participating to these meetings has a price, unfortunately. BUX users can sign up for General Shareholders Meetings if they own shares in that company on the record date of the meeting and the costs for signing up are indeed 150 EUR. The sign-up is on a best effort basis, there are no guarantees as no deadlines can be given and therefore the registration may not be completed by AACB in time before the General Shareholders Meeting.

We also would like to clarify that BUX does not earn any money by registering users for a shareholder meeting, this isn’t a revenue model. All efforts made by BUX are for customer satisfaction.

The primary purpose of a Shareholder meeting is to ensure that a company gives a reasonable and fair opportunity to those entitled to participate in the meeting. The decisions taken by the company relates to the management of the affairs of the company as per the prescribed procedures.

Feel free to ask here or to reach out to support in case of any doubts. :smiling_face: :raised_hands:t2:


How do you sign up for those meetings?

Hi @svenhaverbus, you would have to contact our Customer Support team via chat or email (support-zero@getbux.com) :slight_smile:

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