Aangifte rekeningnummer in Belgische belastingsaangifte

Guys, just to be sure, do we enter the ABN Amro account into the Belgian tax declaration? Part XII A.

Is u, uw echtgenoot of wettelijk samenwonende partner met wie u deze aangifte indient, of één van uw niet ontvoogde minderjarige kinderen in 2021 op enig ogenblik : - titularis geweest van één of meer rekeningen bij een bank-, wissel-, krediet- of spaarinstelling gevestigd in het buitenland, of - beheerder geweest van één of meer zulke buitenlandse rekeningen op naam van één of meer verenigingen die geen winst of baten verkrijgen en die niet aan de vernootshapsbelasting of de rechtspersonenbelasting onderworpen zijn ?


I’m not a Belgian tax resident myself, but does this answer it?


Yes thanks! I remember already doing that, so I don’t have to do anything more, probably…


Apart from notifying the central bank about the foreign account (one time), you indeed need to declare you have a foreign bank account every year in your taxes declaration:


Perfect, thanks @yohhst !!!


In my MinFin, I received a ‘Common Reporting Standard’ form the Belgian government:

The Belgian government received data from foreign account numbers:

  • BUXBV, account number: NL41BUXBXXXXXXXXXX → OK
  • ABN AMRO CLEARING BANK N.V., account number: XXXXXX ( 6 digits ) → ???

I haven’t openend an ABN AMRO account. I called to ABN AMRO and they can’t help me because their account numbers have 9 digits ( I have 6 digits ).

Does anyone know if this ABN AMRO account is related to the BUXBV account?

Do I need to registrate both of them in CAP?


Hello rossignolx

Indeed. As Bux is not a bank, your stocks and cash is held in an ABN Amro account. (Among other things this means, for example, should Bux ever go out of business, your stocks and cash should not be affected.)

You need to declare you have a foreign bank account one time to the Nationale Bank, plus each year you need to mention it on your taxes More info about declaring it can be found here:

Hoe een buitenlandse rekening aangeven?(Bux,de%20Nationale%20Bank%20van%20Belgi%C3%AB.

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@yohhst , haven’t we only got an ABN Amro Account? I never saw the BuxBV Account…

Yes ABN Amro is the only one i am aware of. Maybe it’s the way Belgium received the info that it is presented in such s confusing way? Hmm … It’s been a while that I registered mine, but I seem to remember I received a document from BUX at some point that showed the fill IBAN.

Yes, me too… It’s the same IBAN you see when choosing top-up in the app, right? I have a “NL78 ABNA” IBAN. It does have a 6 digit “description”, maybe that’s the account number?

Hey @rossignolc yes this is normal, you’ll have the longer BUX BV account number and also a 6 digit ABN account is where your cash assets are kept in the background. They’re segregated for clients safety in case of bankrupcy for example.

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@Nige why do we have a NL78 ABNA IBAN, while @rossignolc has a NL41 BUX account? Or is that just a matter of timing… It’s basically the same, no?

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Hey @jvpnox Same for all users. Each client has an individual BUX depot number in the background, basically where your assets are stored. The IBAN you deposit to is a different thing - we receive and then direct the deposits from there to the correct account.


Aah got it @Nige, thanks!

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