Add ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF

Hey there, I recently discovered that ARK published on March 2021 the ETF which includes companies related and into space exploration. I would love to see this ETF in BUX 0 as soon as possible since it’s such an exciting and interesting topic for long term investment.

Here is a link to the ARK fund: ARKX - Space Exploration and Innovation ETF by ARK Invest

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In the meantime, look at Lockheed Martin if you want exposure to space exploration. They have a very active space related department working together with various parties.


The ARK funds are not licensed in Europe, so as a European we simply cannot buy them.
Therefore none of the brokers here will be able to offer them unfortunately.
I’d suggest you investigate which stocks are included in the fund that you like and buy them as individual positions in your portfolio.


Is it already on BUX 0?

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Yes, it’s one of my positions actually.

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Lockheed Martin Is a military company first and they happen to make components used in spacecrafts. Investing in military companies is betting in suffering of other people. I wouldn’t morally advise it to anyone.

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Hmmm, better not invest in Coca Cola then (obesity / health epidemic), better not invest in Tesla (child labour for battery metals), better not invest in drug companies (opioid epidemic) etc. etc.
There will be very little left to invest in if you want an actual return in that case.

Saying it’s “betting on suffering of other people” is very short sighted, it’s a technology company of which parts make weapons for killing (bombs/rockets), all the other parts develop an make tons of technologies which will be used in civilian applications down the line and are not directly used for killing anyone.

That being said, everyone has their own likes and dislikes in terms of investing. I for one do not invest in tobacco companies since they directly profit from death but I do invest in defence companies since that is investing in technological advancement.

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