Add tencent stock

I want to invest in tencent so badly
I hope you will add tencent to the stocks purchasable at Bux Zero
Until then

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I think tencent is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange or the Shanghai stock exchange, those are not available on BUX, and I don’t see them come soon, but if you want to invest in tencent you might have a look at prosus, prosus is a holding. And if I have it right 28% of prosus is tencent, so that might be an option if you want tencent on BUX

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Hi @Wiest,

Unfortunately, Tencent does no longer trades in the US. This has probably to do with the fact that Chinese shares (including HK shares) are no longer allowed to be traded in America due to trade restrictions :neutral_face:

We do have stocks available of Tencent Music Entertainment on our BUX Zero app. And like @DaveyV19 mentioned Prosus has a high percentage in Tencent indeed :wink:

Thank you for the info
: )