Adding Hong Kong market due to delisting risks in the US

I would like to hear what plans Bux Zero has when it comes to the Hong Kong exchange. Right now the delisting of Chinese stocks in the US does not yet seem like an immediate risk, but I think Bux should be prepared for delistings. I know some other brokers offer the option to exchange your US-listed shares, for Hong Kong-listed shares. Is Bux already working on something like this and is there an e.t.a.? And if not, is Bux planning on working on this? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @KayVerbruggen! Currently, this is not on our roadmap yet, when this changes I will let you know of course :slight_smile:

While one could indeed wait for Bux to add the HK exchange, in the meantime you could also use a different broker just for HK stocks if you feel the risk is too great.

There are a multitude of brokers available in the Netherlands and each have their strengths and weaknesses.
Personally I use 3 different brokers simultaneously each for a specific purpose/share selection.


May i ask what the value of BUX is within your plan/market?