Adding new stocks! 🆕

Hi everyone,

We have added the following stocks to our BUX Zero app:

  • Universal Display Corp
  • QuantumScape
  • Fisker Inc
  • Kulicke and Soffa Industries
  • Corsair Gaming
  • Palantir
  • MicroStrategy Inc
  • Main Street Capital
  • Virgin Galactic
  • Toyota Motor
  • Bumble

All the newly added stocks are now tradeable and can be found in the newly added assets section on the BUX Zero app! If you have any stock or ETF requests feel free to start a topic in the Stocks & ETFs Requests section.

More stocks will be announced soon, so stay tuned :smiley:

Special thanks to @TripleD, @ilir, @Frisoke, @Sashavg, @anon67361218, and @Cornel for requesting these stocks!


Dankjewel @Fergus !!

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Zo gaat het goed… zo gaat het beter & nog een …

Hi Fergus,

how about :

  • Luminar Technologies LAZR
  • Velodyne Lidar VLDR

Thnx !!

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Hi @ilir, Luminar Technologies will be added on Monday!! Together with some other cool new stocks :grinning:

Thanks for requesting! :pray:t4:


Hi @Fergus,

Is it possible to add cornerstone total return fund?:thinking:

Hi @Mitchy thank you for your request! We are going to look at the opportunity to possibly add Cornerstone Total Return Fund to BUX Zero :slight_smile: I keep you updated!