Adidas or Nike

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*what do you guys think, which one is better?

Adidas the most popular and most important sportswear in Europe. With 2,500 stores worldwide and an dividend of €3 p.s. **or *** Nike the most popular and most sponsorships with clubs in the world and worlds most known sportswear with $1,12 a year.

What will you buy when you got the option. In which stock do you believe the most and why?

be careful, this is NOT an advice for anyone or why you should buy Adidas or Nike, do you homework before you get in to these stocks


Nike, they wil sell items in the metaverse, they have patented it.


Thats amazing :star_struck:


@Betguardian :pog_png:

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Yeah inside information :wink:

They have 5 patents.

I did a topic in bux X in one of my channels about metaverse this week and what companies to buy. Bux “stole” and used it in there email this wednesday, was funny to see. People thought i wrote it.
That happens more often, its almost like they copy my topics or great minds think alike, although i am almost always first.

Metaverse should also be a topic perhaps, but then again Bux zero should have channels or groups not this forum :wink:

There 800 or so companies that perticipate, there only perhaps 20 that wil be the winners of the metaverse.

Nike and Gucci and others will sell Cloth and things for avatars, the real money is with Roblox and others.

Sorry bit of spam.


Nike it will be!

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Nike is more valued and have more products. So o assume this is the higher valued one (PepsiCo) and Adidas is the Coca-cola company. I think niks is better positioned but I think YoY it will change which one is better due to high valuations