African, Middle Eastern and Asian (non-chinese) stocks/etfs


Good work on the recent expansion of European and American stocks. To diversify is it Bux’s goal to expand beyond Europe and US? Since some countries have demographic booms happening it would be interesting to have more shares/etfs that have exposure to Sub-Saharan countries, Middle Eastern countries and South-East Asia.

Thinking about India, South Korea, Gulf countries, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenia, Ghana, Senegal, Malaysia, in particular.

Is it Bux’s goal to offer such stocks or Etfs in the future?


Lijkt me ook een goed idee Hajwanee. Spreiden van risico’s.


Latin America, India and Africa would indeed be good to have in terms of exposure.

BUX does have a few emerging market ETF’s that give you exposure to at least some of these countries.

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Hi @Hajwanee

Thank you for the nice compliment and requests :pray:t4: At the moment our team isn’t really working toward an expansion beyond Europe, but I think we all hope that we will expand beyond Europe.

Coming back to your recommendations, I also have some questions for you :slight_smile:

Are there any particular stocks that you are very interested in related to these countries?

And would ETFs in these regions that you’ve mentioned be sufficient?

Please let me know :smiley:

And like @JPeters said we do have a few emerging market ETFs!