Allow us to place limit orders without a time limit.

I usually invest with price targets in mind. Right now I am only able to place limit orders that lasts for 1 day.

I’d like to place a limit order @ the price I want to buy/sell my stock without thinking about it again. Meaning it should stick around until I cancel it.


Indeed, this is the one improvement I’m desperately waiting for. Please allow me to place limit buy and sell orders which are lasting until I cancel them. Also, please allow me to do so outside of opening hours of the market. @Fergus would it be possible for you to check if this is a planned feature?


Good Morning @Jim, I’m going to check it for you guys! You’ll hear from me today :smiley:

Hi @mrappleowl and @Jim, I just had a chat with our product team and they told me that this improvement is coming. It’s on our roadmap and we would like to have it in Q4 or 2022 :star_struck:

Thank you guys so much for the feedback :muscle:t4:


That’s a quick reply my man! Happy to see the team agrees it’s an important feature. Who do I need to bribe to make it more urgent? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you @Jim, please start with me! :money_mouth_face: I’ll fix the rest for you :wink:

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