AMA: Sebastiaan & Kai of BUX Crypto

Hey BUX Community!

Today, Sebastiaan (Head of Product BUX Crypto) and I (Head of Strategy BUX Crypto) will host the second BUX AMA in this post.

So, if you have any (!) questions feel free to ask us. We will give our answers at the beginning of next week.

Cheers Kai


Hi seb and kai,

Is bux waiting for a fully functional platform (wallet app and limit orders) before some exposure to the world? Like marketing and new exchanges for the buxtoken.




When can we expect the ensurance on the bux platform? Until this moment I still cant have my money on bux platform without having a big risk.


Do you have a plan to get audited by CertiK? Thebsmart contract can be audited just like the chain itself and bux crypto as a company.

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Is there something wrong with the kucoin cold wallet? Most of bux tokens are in that wallet, but no kovement at all since a long time. Seems like the lost their keys?

I have asked this before in private to one of you, but maybe you took some actions concerning this subject.


Dear Sebastiaan & Kai,

Currently there are 14 currencies available on Bux C platform. When will these increase, or how many will be added in the future? Do you have a +/- total number of currencies?


N. Brink


Hi Sebastiaan and Kai!

I have the following questions:

  1. Will there be an advertising campaign once the BUX Crypto platform has developed enough, similar to BUX Zero?

  2. Will the BUX Token be listed on another top tier centralized exchange in addition to KuCoin?
    If so, can a rough time estimation be given when we can expect this to happen? It will be great for more liquidity and better availability of the token. Also it might prevent trouble when the KuCoin platform is under maintenance or has problems while trading the BUX Token on the BUX Crypto platform.

  3. What is the current state of setting up the bridge between the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum?
    Can we expect the BUX Token to be available on Sushiswap and Uniswap soon after this is ready?


Hey guys!

I have a very important question
When BUX crypto hoodies?

Many thanks
Antony x


Can you explain how to do the swap please? I have sent countless emails to bux support and doesnt get any answers, shame on you Bux.

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Will the minimum purchase prices go down in the future? So below €25 and €30? Would it be possible to make purchases as small as €1?

One more question: will the web interface remain after the app has been introduced? I think it’s best to being able to access both a website and an app!


What kind utilities are being planned for Bux Token in the (near) future? I know that it will be used to maintain zero fees, but will you be planning to expand its use to other domains, for instance Crypto Earn kind-of-thing (Binance and Crypto DOT com already have it: you stake some tokens and get a small interest rate, depending on how long you store them away).


Dear Bux Team,
first of all, I want to say that I am happy that you guys still go strong on this project. I am in since ICO: a strong believer in you two and in your original BPT vision.

Unfortunately, I cannot fully comprehend the development of BUX. I do understand that you are part of a big and regulated company. However, I feel like I am waiting forever for development. Therefore, I will make the questions in a crypto manner: easy to understand, quick and painless. I hope you (at least partly) are willing to reply:

When functionality:

  • When deposits and withdrawals?
  • When limit orders?
  • When fancy functionalities like BPT used to have?
  • When app integration/ standalone app?
  • When more pairs? (we do not need every sh*tcoin, but we need at least 50-100 so people have a reason to use BUX. If you are concerned that it would be too complicated for newcomers, just make 2 categories)

When liquidity?:

  • When b…, bigger CEX?
  • When higher rewards for stakers?
  • When BUX only staking without needing to hodl another coin? (for people like me that only hold BUX)

(Most importantly) When marketing?:

  • When marketing in general?
  • When influencers?
  • When big YouTube influencers?
  • When starting to create a hypetrain to make BUX !THE! european and world wide Neo Broker?
  • When more valuable rewards for true hodlers?

Highly appreciate your time and efforts. Keep up the good work but please don’t miss the timings (and don’t hold your eth too long again)

your BuxBoy


Hi, thanks for the AMA!

  • Does BUX have any whitepaper you can share where more details surrounding the BUX token are shared? Most projects that have a token have a whitepaper after all.

  • Is the BUX token planned to receive continuous support? E.g. that BUX will not drop support for the BUX token at some point down the line? I really don’t want my investment to reach 0 because of a management decision …

  • It was worrying to me that Yorick had no BUX tokens and didn’t want to incentivize himself making BUX go up in value. From my perspective it’d be perfect if incentives between BUX staff & investors (who are your core supporters and ambassadors in the community!) are aligned. Can you comment on that? Do other team members have BUX tokens perhaps?

Other than that I’m mostly wondering about future usage of the BUX token, for which there is SO MUCH potential!! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Hi Sebastiaan and Kai!

First of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask you both some questions. I’ve been a fan of BUX for a while, but have only discovered BUX Crypto and the two of you since the end of last year. My questions will mostly revolve around the long-term vision and motivation for BUX Crypto. I know these kinds of questions are not easy to answer, so I’ll try to keep them as specific as I can.

  1. BUX in general has as its goal to allow the world to do more with their money. I was wondering what the long-term goals for BUX Crypto are: will it keep focusing on the buying and selling of crypto, or will it expand towards becoming more like a platform that provides many crypto related services? Things I can think of from the top of my head are: providing interest for holders of crypto, or offering a crypto credit card. In short: will BUX Crypto be a part of the movement towards replacing more and more of the old financial institutions with a modern crypto-infused vision? If your vision is different than the one I’ve just described, I’m curious to know what your vision is about.

  2. I’d like to know more about the two of you as well. Things like: what motivates you to get up every morning and work hard for the BUX Crypto platform? What does an ideal life look like to you? And last but not least, what unhealthy snack is your favorite after a night out? Do you go to the snackbar for a frikandel, or do you go for some döner kebab, or something else entirely?

Looking forward to the answers, and to your future work at BUX :muscle: :fist_left: :rocket:


“A new payment service provider integration that is not launched yet, but ready for deployment”(news letter #20)

New payment provider been ready for deployment for weeks now, why hasn’t it been deployed yet and when can we expect to see it?


What do you guys think is necessary to compete with the top tier european exchanges/ brokers? Like functionality, assets and volume.

And how will you gonna achieve that?


Three additional questions:

  • 24% of the supply of BUX token is currently not in circulation according to coinmarketcap. What will happen with that?
  • Does BUX as a company have any benefit from the BUX token? If BUX token gets more popular, in what ways is this good for BUX the company? If not much yet, perhaps this is an opportunity to benefit from the token as a business?
  • When moon? :smiley: (just kidding)

Thank you so much!! Love the work you guys do and the transparency with the newsflashes etc.


Hello Sebastiaan and Kai,

BUX Crypto Newsletter #21 of 25.04.2021 states:
“The wallet app will provide users an easier way of securely managing their funds. We expect to launch the first beta version early next month.”

What do you mean by early next month? Can you be more precise?


Hello Sebastiaan and Kai,

We are currently still completely dependent on KuCoin and that is a big risk. Can you explain why it is taking so long for the BUX Token to be registered on multiple exchanges? For example, what needs to be done before the BUX Token can be registered on a new exchange?