AMA: Yorick the new CEO of BUX!

Hey all,

I’m Yorick Naeff, 37 years old and I am the new CEO of BUX. Last week, we announced that we raised $80 million in funding and that Nick Bortot is handing over the reins of the company to me. I can imagine you might have some questions for me, that’s why I’m going to do my first AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the community forum!

I’m really excited to answer all of your questions. It can be about anything related to BUX, my hobbies, my vision or what I like to eat for dinner on a Tuesday.

Feel free to drop a question down below, I’m looking forward to answering all of your questions on Tuesday May 4th!



Hi Yorick

I recently posted on my channel (The Rich Effect) about how Bux is happy to add stocks at IPO but not well established markets, for example they recently added Deliveroo and Coinbase which both fell more than 25% on opening, but Ive been asking Bux to add Micron Tech ($MU) for 3 years but no joy.

Can you explain the criteria for Bux adding products and how they decide? Will the rate of new products improve on Bux X as you aim to grow and build or are you still focusing on Bux Zero for a while?



Hi Yorick,

What are BUX’ plans regarding dividend information in the app?
Stuff like dividend yields, upcoming and past payments, possibilities for automatic re-investment (DRIP) and perhaps a calendar function for ex dividend dates. Also, do you think it will ever be possible to purchase fractional shares in BUX? This would really help with (potential) DRIP functions.
As a dividend investor, and lots of others with me, this would really be helpful!
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hello Kind Sir!

Always good to see a new face and the opportunity to get to know you!

I have a question about being able to work with BUX. I have a background at a so called “green office” at a HBO/university school in Nijmegen. There were a lot of people i got to meet and work with, i was one of the first 5 to help become what it is today.

One of the concepts is doing things together and to find out what different people from different back grounds can bring each other. So someone frol Automotive talks to someone in Health, two differents things but quite interesting to see how different sides can help each other to become bigger and better versions of themselves. Is there any chance you and BUX can try to look on doing the same kind of thing?

A platform or contact moment to discuss what a student does (he does not need to know a lot from economics and finance) and how he/she can help with building there own future but most importantly that one of BUX!

Give students a brigther tommorow and help them grow personally and creatively. If you want to know more about the idea, my e-mail is on my profile. Also anyone else who likes the idea or want to know more, contact me. Maybe we can meet once and talk and otherwise learn from each other.

One less important question, what is your favorite kind of cake?



  1. What is your view on the crypto market?
  2. What are the plans to make the BUX Crypto platform popular in Europe?

Good luck as the new CEO!


Nothing like a little motion to capture attention.
Reminder there is a BUX Bounty in play. If you haven’t heard let me know and I’ll send you more information.

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Hi Yorick, I am a big believer of the importance of having some skin in the game. It holds people accountable.

My question is. Do you own a huge bag of BUX Tokens? If not why do you not own a humongous bag of BUX Tokens?

Also, I know a good roofer that will fix this little accident in no time. He will take payment in $BUX. It was unavoidable BUX is unstoppable :man_shrugging:

BUX up-1619409774584


Hi Yorick - will we ever be able to livestream direct from the BUX X app channels instead of using YouTube? Or even just upload short videos into channels? That would be epic!
Congrats on your new appointment!



Hi yorick,

Wen will we have a vrijmibo at the bux office? :beer:
And i wish you al the best as the new CEO!



I have a follow up question.
Can BUX do a buy back of the BUX Token? Is this an option to help self fund going forward? If not can I buy up all the tokens and take over the Telegram channel for a full fledged Gorilla marketing campaign?



Hi Yorick,

Congratulations on the new position and the funding round!

Does BUX intend to do another round of investing for the crowd? I.e., a second round on Seedrs?

A big shout out to the BUX (Crypto) team! Keep up the good work💪



Hi Yorick,

When the rest of the European Union countries will be accepted on Bux Crypto exchanges?

How it was at Blockport long time ago.


Hi Yorick,

I’d like to know when BTC will reach 100k?

Also: do you guys have an e.t.a. on new features like setting S/L orders, and a webinterface?



We need few basic things in the App.

  1. Stop loss orders
  2. keeping money in $ terms to avoid Euro $ exchange fluctuations
  3. Should be able to place After market orders.
  4. SIP facility for stocks/ETFs
    5.Multiple watchlists
  5. Link download trade reports
  6. Multiple Color themes options on the UI. The current color sucks.
  7. Option to hide selected positions

Hope these feedback will be considered in the next release of the App.

Eagerly waiting


Hi Yorick, Just a small proposal for you.

Can I request some spare $BUX tokens (1m or so💰) to fund some community challenges, bounties and competitions?

This could be implemented possibly through a smart contract type arrangement so less trust required. When a winner is drawn it’ll take myself, @Krypto-Kai or @SebastiaanLichter to confirm there has been no Fookery and only then the $BUX can be sent to the winner.

That way no chance @Krypto-Kai can withdraw the whole lot and go out on a 2 week bender :eyes:.
(Remember that time my username was @BUX?)

Happy to hear your thoughts and what is possible here.
I will continue to self fund experimental marketing campaigns along with other members of the BUX community. Thanks to all who have taken time and effort to get involved with making BUX related content. It has not gone unnoticed.

Kind regards,
Acting BUX CGO
BUX wave-1619560366667


Hello Yorick,

I hope that everything with you is okay :slight_smile:

I have few questions for you:

1 - Do you plan to make fee discounts for Bux Zero and Bux X users which are holding BUX tokens?
2 - Do you plan to start some serious marketing about BUX Crypto and when?
3 - Do you plan to add BUX token to some of the biggest crypto exchanges and when? More liquidity and exposure is always welcome and now we are depending on Kucoin exchange.

Time frames for these three will be nice :laughing:

BR from Bulgaria, Miroslav Angelov


Hi Yorick,

  1. Which countries are on the roadmap to expand next for Bux crypto? will it be within Europe or also outside Europe?



Handsome man! Still single? :grin:

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Hi Yorick

I thought it would be fun to learn how you typically spend your day?

Do you have advice for aspiring CEOs? Do you have time to read? Is your day just meetings all day?

Thank you


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