Are we in a bear market?

Oh dear I’m more than 50 % down from my all time. It’s been a tough week. Don’t worry I only invested money I can miss. I get a lot of my information from YouTube. Those people believe it’s still a bull market. I myself have become more bearish. I can’t believe government will give up their monopoly on currency. They will simply make their own crypto currency. I’m holding nonetheless.

But did you only invest in one bitcoin?

Nobody knows for sure, but I don’t think the bull market is over yet. I recommend dollar-cost averaging and long-term investing anyway, that way you don’t have to worry about bull and bear markets, and the volatility of the crypto market in general.

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Hi Ron. No at the moment I have Invested in 14 coins. But when bitcoin crashes they all crash so diversification doesn’t work as well in crypto as it does with stocks.
Hi Dog African, yeah I’m gonna do that. I bought some when Elon tweeted a week ahead when I was planning to do and turned out the market was even lower a week later. I didn’t stick to the plan.

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We’re not, but they want to make you believe we are. I think the real bear market will be ignited by a stock market downturn, which might be not too far away.