Are you a trader or an investor?

Hey guys, I was wondering what most of you use Bux Zero for.

Do you use it for trading, or long term investing? Or a bit of both?

Personally I got Bux exclusively for long term investing.

I don’t know why, but I don’t like day trading and the volatility it can bring to the market if enough people partake in it. What do you guys think about trading in general?


I am here for the long term, day trading feels a bit like gambling for me…. I am also not a guy that uses technical analyse. I am more of the number nerd type. I love earning reports, and the annual report to read and make a judgement for the long term based on that.


Same as @DaveyV19 ! Except for the rapports in Excel sheets. I just read them online!


I do it for the longterm aswell. I looked everything up about daytrading and maybe in 5 to 10 years i’ll give it a go but right now it does not go with my lifestyle.

Still a student and my own funds can’t go with the market right now.


Long term all the way! I just picked 15 companies I really liked above its competition, and will hold them for the coming years.

Personally, I only check my stocks once every few months (or even half year) as it only encourages panic selling to look at stocks.

And I 100% agree with @DaveyV19 that day trading is just way too close to gambling.


Long term (dividend) investing, I want to build out further this second source of income and BUX 0 is very handy for certain stocks which other brokers don’t offer (US defense stocks) or because they deduct the dividend tax according to the treaties, not their own arbitrary rules (Ohai DEGIRO US dividend Green list).