Are you in bonds?

Is anyone in bonds? Don’t hear much about them. They seem safe. I like safe investments.


Not that I’m aware of. Me personally no… because the percentage that you get is very low at the moment.

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Nooo, it is not profitable…. Inflation 5-6% bonds max 1-1,5% yield so actual profit is -4%


Problem with bonds currently is that they pay something like 2% max coupon (~dividend) while the inflation is 6%, so in effect you are losing 4%+ of your each year.

I was in bonds before and during the first corona wave but I’ve sold out of them afterwards. The bonds went up in price while all stocks tanked. So around the peak I sold all bonds and put the money into stocks that were undervalued.

In the future I might put part of my position in bonds again after this direction has reversed.