AST SpaceMobile

Now, I’m not one for SPACs, but this merger did pique my interest. I’m not very knowledgeable on their area of expertise, but perhaps there are some of you here on this forum who can share some thoughts on this company?

ik heb mij verdiept in dit bedrijf. Ik verwacht dat dit bedrijf een groot potentieel heeft voor de zeer langer termijn. Ik heb er zelf aandelen van gekocht.

I got in as well. It’s getting shorted frequently and a lot though. Low-volume problems. Curious what this will do when volume picks up. Crossing my fingers!

In around march of next year will be the moment that they will launch their first satellite,if everything goes to plan i expect that the price will go through to the roof


Bought it today!!


This is a stock for the long term so every month i buy some shares

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Lots of potential but I think the big providers will get a contract with nasa of something to have the quality as AST when it is working. I think it is a very promising idea but I think it is hard to make this a profitable business considering nobody needs 5G on the ocean (except a small group) or at least nobody wants to pay a lot extra forethought service

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That’s true.

But I love the way to invest in these things. Because I see a lot of potential. “Nooit geschoten is altijd mis” is what we say in the Netherlands.

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@cornel and I think that’s nice :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What they want to create is a world wide coverage for example parts of Africa and Asia that nowadays don’t have any cell phone connection.

It will take some time but if the tech works and they succesfully tap into this market the payout can very lange.


I agree but the point is. The big providers are already busy with those networks. For example Orange. The main goal for 2025 is expanding in Africa so my fear is: if they gonna work this out I already think it is to late for them to get a huge business cause companies like Deutsche Telekom orange Verizon and AT&T

You’re missing the point. It’s incredibly expensive to plant towers everywhere, especially in mountainous areas, or wide spread areas with lot’s of nothing in between, apart from some rural villages. Don’t forget, the rest of the world is not as flat and densely populated as the Netherlands (if that’s where you’re from). Placing towers in small rural villages is not cost efficient and won’t likely be done by the providers. As such, SpaceMobile is giving all those people access to a decent mobile internet connection for the first time. Imagine the possibilities for those communities. They could flourish because of their connection to the internet (and thus the rest of the world). On top of that, SpaceMobile is not a provider itself. Its business model is based on a 50/50 earning model. Half for the partner provider, half for SpaceMobile. So imagine, you have a Vodafone subscription and you live somewhere with terrible reception. Vodafone will offer you the possibility for ‘connection always, everywhere’-subscription, or simply a day pass. Vodafone determines the price of that pass. So let’s say they charge you 10 euro, half of that goes to SpaceMobile. It’s a perfect, well thought out business model. Don’t compete with the traditional providers, but work with them. There’s a reason why American Tower, Vodafone and AT&T are all heavily invested and even have people on the board of directors of SpaceMobile.

Moreover, this network of satellites is an excellent back up service in case of natural disasters. Just look at the recent hurricanes in the United States. All phone lines and mobile communication down.

I recommend spending a little more time reading into the addressable market here. The potential is seriously mind blowing.