Avenir Telecom

Hi guys,

Since not so long Avenir Telecom has been added to BUX, very small price for now.

I am not able to find news or updates on this stock to see what is said about their future, does anyone else have a source to tell me what i might be expecting from this stock?


I was searching for Some info on avenir to. Without results up to now.

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It seems to be almost near to impossible to find information about it. I saw it went up a lot in % but it is still cheap.

If i only knew if the expectations were good for this stock…

Ill let you know if i find something

Het enige wat ik er over kan vinden is dat zij telefoons maken met een soort Android maar toch ook weer geen android. Het moet een soort concurrent worden van Samsung. Verder kan ik er ook zeer weinig over vinden…

For it’s current price is it quite interesting only there is little to no information about the company


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