BAT Brave Browsing

Hey everybody,

I’ve switched my browser from Chrome to the Brave browser as this allows me to “receive” BAT for watched advertisements. It blocks ads, similar to AdBlock extension and gives a small pop-up for advertisements.

I’m still looking into how to obtain the earned BAT. Do others here have experience with the Brave browser and collecting BAT?

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I’ve been using Brave for a while after using Firefox for years and I really like the browser. In your settings you have to connect the browser to an Uphold wallet. Your earned BAT will automatically transfer to this wallet after a month or so.

@jim : To do that don’t you need to have a minimum of 15 BAT ? What is your experience with Brave in term of speed, it seems slower than Chrome; quite often I get " not responding " on this browser

I indeed remember the minimum requirement. I just ignored it and proceed making the Uphold wallet & linking it to Brave without any issues. They send me small amounts of BAT each month.

I do not like Chrome and have avoided it by using Mozilla Firefox before I switched to Brave. I’ve never had the “not responding” issue you mention. Also I have no speed issues. I use Brave on my private PC and office laptop. Very rarely I’ll come across a website which will not work properly in Brave, but I havent had any notable issues.

@Jim Thanks for your return. I will check in my brave browser to make a test to transfer coin



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@Ataridos I’ve also had no speed issues or “not responding” problems.

@Jim Was it simple to set up the Uphold wallet?

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I found it very easy indeed, no issues. Never tried to withdraw anything from Uphold yet tho, so I’m not sure if that is easy as well.

Just withdrawn the BAT I’ve earned so far to my Binance account, it was very easy indeed. Actually exchanged for XRP first so I could send it for minimal transaction fee & it was on my account a few seconds later. :cool_doge_gif: