Beleggingsplan - quantities

Hi, it is not possible to buy a different quantity of an ETF using beleggingsplan. This makes it difficult to build a good portfolio, because I can only buy 1 of each etf.

Also, it would be nice if you could also offer Rize etfs.

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Hi @roggers1985,

Jens here, Chief of Staff at BUX. Thanks for joining our community and taking the time to provide feedback!

Well spotted! Yes, this savingsplan feature is an MVP, we are working hard on enabling fractions in the background, but there are some dependencies that need to be resolved, so it is taking a bit longer. But we did not want to wait with releasing the feature already in the MVP form :slight_smile:

Re RIze ETFs, it is something that we are looking into as well - so stay tuned!

  • Jens

It would indeed be nice if you can select quantities currently you can only fill a amount…

It would be nice lets say I want 2 pieces of VUSA then the App will calculate the estimated amount automatically,