Best combo ever? Free coffee and Italian Launch ☕

Hi all :wave:

It’s me again, I know it has been a while since I wrote about the event I hosted with @Fergus at Soho House Amsterdam (You can read it here), but I swear I didn’t rest on my laurels :sleeping:, actually quite the opposite.

So let’s get it started


On June 7th we had our very first guerilla marketing pop-up. But before arriving at this specific moment, I will take you back in time! :rewind:

Everything happened during an apparently calm day at our marketing meeting at our BUX HQ. We were in the middle of standup when someone from our team said: “Hey, on the 7th there will be the ‘Money 20/20 conference’, let’s go there and spread the word of BUX”. At that moment, the planning started! It took 9 marketing heroes, a good amount of hard work, and ONE week to make it happen!

The idea at the base of this pop-up was to encourage people to learn how to “wake up their savings” and increase their knowledge about how to invest by offering them a free cup of coffee with a QR code to scan on the cup, and the rest is HERE. I spare you the bureaucratic and boring stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but here are all the cool things that we got:

BUX balloons :balloon:

BUX branded t-shirts :tshirt:

BUX branded stencils :art:

BUX branded Coffee Wagon :articulated_lorry:

BUX Branded coffee cups :bubble_tea:

Free coffee, why not? :coffee:

On the day of the pop-up, we settled down in the coffee car, wore fantastic BUX t-shirts, enjoyed the time together, and invited people to listen and enjoy a coffee with us. Most of the people were nice and truly interested in what we had to say, however, it is a bit of a double-edged sword; some people just flat out refused a free cup of coffee (I mean???) easy to bump into cold-hearted people. A 50-year-old distinct man walking like a lord was walking by and I offered him a coffee in the most polite way I knew, his reaction? “Kanker, ik drink geen koffie”, I mean my Dutch is still really bad, but I think I got the message :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I got over that. Everything went really well. We liked the experience and we definitely learned something, and for the next time, our BUX Community, I want you to wear those amazing BUX branded t-shirts so you can support your favorite neobroker!

For watching a recap of the day here are the links:


On the same day, we also launched BUX Zero in Italy! When I arrived back at the office from our coffee pop-up at Money 20/20 we had lunch with the whole team and looked at the countdown our Marketing Team had created! And our chefs did a great job as well on not only preparing an awesome meal but also decorating our canteen using the “tricolore” :it:. Our CPO @Aditya gave a wonderful speech and we were live in ITALY!

As you may know, this week we were super present on social media with the recruitment video, and you can also spot @Fergus and me on it. Guys, the anxiety level during the shooting was at the maximum levels, however, I think the result is pretty satisfying, or, as @Fergus said in the video “AMAZING”. Also, if you know someone that could be interested in joining BUX’s family, share this link to help us in this growing process :star_struck: .

Before I end this column, I want to give a big shout out to our Brand & Comms, Marketing, and PR Team for making this all possible! I literally can’t wait to experience more events like this.

Ooh and also a special thanks to @kamiel who shot amazing video shots as usual and to @Hario for the crystal clear pictures :heart_eyes: And I mean, be honest guys, who doesn’t like our cool BUX content? :smirk:

Enough updates from me. See you all back during the next column! :wave:t4:

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