Best ETF for pricy stocks?


I’d like to invest in my first ETF. I’m seeking something that can provide me shares like Alphabet, Shopify, Tesla, Amazon, apple, microsoft, …

They are all interesting shares with high opportunities, but most of them are just so damn expensive. How do you want me to diversify my portfolio if I need to spend thousands on 1 share.

Also I want them to be a large portion of the holding, it doesn’t make sense to look for an ETF in order to obtain stocks like Alphabet if they don’t really have any effect on the ETF at all. I know EFT are a basket of stocks, but I want specifically invest in those cause I. believe in them, so if the EFT only consist about a few percentages of them, it makes it hardly interesting.

Any ideas? I thought S&p 500 maybe?

Sounds like you’re looking for a fractional share feature instead of ETF’s :upside_down_face:
They are working on that, but as far as I know there’s no official release date announced yet.

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Hi @Light5Yagami,

I am jens, chief of staff at BUX. It is a good question and as RS27 pointed out we are working on a feature for fractional investing, but there are also ETFs that have holdings in the companies you are mentioning.

Of the ETFs in the BUX Zero app, two will be relevant for you:

In the links I have provided you can find information about these ETFs, their costs (called total expense ratio or TER) and their major holdings of the companies you are interested in, based on that you can maybe make the best decision if either of these ETFs suits you.

I hope this helps,


Thanks for the info, after all I think fractional shares is what I’m kinda looking for. I’m happy to hear that there is work in progress, hope it will get added soon.


Yeah fractional shares are a very important thing for BUX to have if it wants to stand out. They are also rather appealing with stocks that have high prices per share.

No fee investing is nice, but other brokers also offer close to no fees for investing so it’s not really that special.

Fractional shares would be a truly unique feature that one can’t get with other brokers in the EU.

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Maybe the ETF ‘iShares Automation & Robotics theme ETF’ is interesting for @Light5Yagami

I agree completely! BUX has to go FRACTIONAL on both STOCKS and ETF’s! :wink:

I agree completely.

To stand out in the pack BUX has to go FRACTIONAL with both STOCKS and ETF’s! :thinking: :grinning:

BUX states on it’s website:

Klein beginnen met fractioneel beleggen
Een ander element dat nieuwkomers naar de markten heeft getrokken is fractioneel beleggen. Ter illustratie: een aandeel Tesla kost vandaag zo’n $450 en dat is een vrij fors bedrag voor de bescheiden belegger. Middels fractioneel beleggen kan men een stukje van het aandeel Tesla kopen. Dat kan al voor $5, $10 of $20. Dit maakt aandelen van populaire bedrijven beschikbaar voor investeerders met minder middelen.
So let’s do this BUX!! :wink