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Hey ik dacht laat ik een nieuw topic beginnen waar we misschien allemaal wat aan hebben. Daarom mijn vraag:

Wat is een aandeel dat jullie in de gaten houden met potentieel en waarom?


Mesa airlines, i expect a positive trend once everyone is vaccinated.

Also Besi Semiconductors (tech, and much more expensive)

Lijkt me een hele goede. Ben benieuwd. Ik volg het.

Op dit moment is dat NOK (nokia).
Het bedrijf is bezig met veel grote dingen en ik ben benieuwd wat er met de stock prijs gaat gebeuren. Dit is wel echt voor de long time

op dit moment, lijken mij alle vliegtuig, reis, olie en oudere ( normaal gesproken steddy ) aandelen interessant, zijn door de corona afgestraft, en dan bedoel ik bijv, Shell, Exxon mobile, Lufthansa Carnival, inbev, Coca-cola … enzo.
Deze bedrijven gaan uit eindelijk terug komen op oud niveau. hebben vaak het geld om zich op de toekomst te richten met veranderingen, zoals klimaat.
reis sector gaat straks boeming zijn als er een vaccin pas komt of het allemaal weer wordt open gegooid.
geduld is een schone zaak en de grafiek eens verder uitzoomen dan 1 jaar helpt ook vaak :wink:

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Op dit moment ben ik 4 aandelen echt aan het volgen. Dit omdat ze goedkoop zijn en er positieve berichten komen vanuit de markt en bedrijven zelf
Dit zijn:
SGL carbon
Ben vooral geïnteresseerd in long term investeren dus hopen op het beste

Hi iedereen,

Ik vroeg me af welke Dividend aandelen en welke ETF’s jullie interessant vinden en waarom?


Thanks for all the response! Lets keep this topic alive!

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Churchill corparation iv its the newest ev and is looking to be next Tesla 2.0 in june they will merge and in august the first car of them will be on the road so. Its 26 dollar a share at the moment.
But after these 2 moments it will fly up…

Churchill corparation iv zijn bezig om de nieuwe tesla te worden !!

Hi all,

I like healthcare compagnies and compagnies which are more “green”, like elictric vehicles and solar energy etc. A better world starts with yourself so I only invest in these kind of businesses. I already bought Celyad and Valneva and keeping my eye on Tesla (which is very “expensive” right now so waiting for a good moment.

They are all going down at the moment!!!
Should wait buying these shares

Tesla will only become more they expecting tesla going for the the 3000.
I got churchill iv maybe you can look at it…
Its starting to become something big and is still a cheap share

Yes I also have that share in my watchlist for a while now. Yesterday I wanted to buy Genius brand but somehow I was to focused on Tesla. Today that share is up 20%… Im hoping for a dip haha

Unilever very interesting for the long-term. For short-term I invested in Just Eat Takeaway, I think it wil go up when the lockdown is over!

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TKWY is difficult to say.

On the one side you would expect a correction due to restaurants opening again. Plus they are working in a very competitive market where I have the feeling the competitors are making better progress.

On the other side; times have changed and as a restaurant owner you have to have the delivery option available. I recall reading somewhere that a restaurant could potentially lose 20% revenue if it didn’t deliver. Since an in-house delivery-service is not doable for many restaurants, they search for alternatives like TKWY. Plus, now that in the coming months people are allowed back to the office again, they work late again, and they will order takeaway again.


It’s true, there’s a lot of competitors (like Deliveroo) next to TKWY. But in almost every country in the world the lockdowns keep remaining, so I think for the short-term TKWY is a nice one to have in your portfolio.
Long-term is hard to tell, I don’t think this is a long-term shot. Buy it on low point and don’t wait too long to sell it.

I’m following CoreCivic ($CXW). It operates 115 detention centers in the US. Prison stocks have taken a hit because of possible lawsuits following Covid-19 liabilities at their facilities. Also, the Biden administration is tough on prison stocks and might want to pull the plug on privately held detention centers. So no wonder the stock took a beating in the past year. But this might also present an opportunity. Facility contracts will keep running for several years to go. Immigration services are also a big client of $CXW. And if Washington does want to proceed with closing them, they’ll have to either by the whole property or rent it. Where else do you put the prisoners? It could be beneficial for a company like $CXW.

Food for thought. Not investment advice.


Hi all!

Great thread. I just wanted to add if you are interested in a stock that we are currently not offering, please create a new thread to request the stock. We are happy to investigate the possibilities to add it to the app!

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Canadian solar houd ik ook in de gaten