Better active overview in portfolio

Hello, I am just a moderate user of Bux but very happy with how the app works.
What I miss in the portfolio view is an indication or marking which shares or ETFs are active at that moment.
An idea is to put a thin colored border (or black border) around each progress button (the button of the daily percentage, total percentage and current value position) for the shares that are active (the market is open). This way you immediately have a better overview of which assets to keep an eye on. You could even think about a color indicating that the market is about to close.


While I somewhat get your point, I have to ask: Why?

All markets are open at set times, if you know which market your stock trades on, you know when it’s open…
US markets 15:30 until around 22:00.
NL 09:00 until 17:30.
Most EU markets more or less the same.

Or am I misunderstanding your question?


Thanx JPeters for your answer.
Maybe my App use is somewhat different or it’s about perception, I don’t know.
It just seemed helpfull for me to get a better overview of active stock.
Probably because I’m just an average user and not always aware of the markets some stocks belong to.


Well, one way to work around this currently is to go to your watch list, if the percentage next to the stock constantly changes, the market is active :slight_smile: