Bitcoin technical analysis

What do y’all think… will we have a reversal soon? Have you sold and are you waiting for a cheaper price? Or are you like me and have you invested all your money waiting for a bounce? :grin:

bullish divergence

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Timing the market is not worth the effort imho - I HODL DCA all the way, so I’m price insensitive, not bothered by short term price flux as I invest not to ever sell. My grandchildren will love me to death for it.

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I agree. I just look at charts for fun, but my strategy is the same as yours :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Zooming out, the RSI gives us a more complete picture. We’ll have an answer before July 21st.

We’re still good!

Obviously a lot of people make money by predicting tops and bottoms. It’s just not for me, because I don’t enjoy looking at charts when there is money on the line. I’m more of a value investor, so I look for projects and / or companies that I consider undervalued and invest in them for the long term. It’s more fun for me that way.

Now when it comes to the price of Bitcoin, I expect a climb towards a new all-time high in the coming month. Won’t be a straight line, but I do think the short-term bottom is in.

I was a bit optimistic about the time period, but an all-time high has been reached regardless :grin: the question is: what now? The answer: I have no idea. But there are two very popular predictions:

  1. The current cycle will end with a price of around $300,000, followed by another bear market.
  2. This is the last cycle, and all we’ll have now is a price movement more similar to other assets.

I’m excited to see if one of those predictions is right.


Another popular scenario of course is Plan B’s S2F model. Also excited to see how long the price will continue to follow the model.