Broken charts still not fixed

When can we finally have back a trustworthy app? % gains/losses still not fixed. PE ratio’s still not trustworthy. Showing wrong information is not okay. But somehow I see 0, Zero changes. I don’t need the same respond over the market maker. This needs to be priority! If the market maker is not going to fix it, Bux should look for another one. People need to see the right information. If not, It shouldn’t be there…

Would like some feedback about progress. Thank you.


Hi @Frisoke, sorry you are impacted by this. I have good news, however. We have recently identified the bug that was causing some percentage to be inaccurate. We are aiming to resolve this in the coming days. Keep you posted!


Hi @Frisoke, following up on this, the issue has been fixed yesterday! The US percentages showed on the App are correct again :smiling_face:

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Hi, is there a reason why the earnings date is not displayed anymore? It used to be in the past.