Broker comparison or alternative

Guys, I’m not sure yet if I’m moving away from Bux, I hope they make a decision to alter some of their changes. In the meantime, what other brokers are you guys using that is accessible in Belgium, and what difference could they make when you’re investing only a couple of 1000? Sadly, a broker like Scalable Capital is not (yet) available in Belgium.



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Heard about Interactive brokers. Maybe interesting to look into.

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Pretty much every broker is cheaper than bux these days. DeGiro, even a large bank like Rabobank or ABN is cheaper. You can’t go wrong with your choice to find a cheaper one these days honestly.

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trade republic is having some issues with their kyc, hence why they aren’t taken on new Belgian users…

Non of the brokers are as good looking as BUX. That’s the only massive win for BUX.

What do you mean with good looking? You shouldn’t use a broker solely because of it’s interface…

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That depends. Everyone is using an iPhone as well, there are much cheaper (Android)devices in the market.

When you compare deGIRO with BUX almost everyone would vote for BUX. (Interface-wise)

However, that might be a different case now, since they bumped the fees.

I personally like to use a application with a neat design. BUX could easily be killed if deGIRO would fix that interface.

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EDIT: Oops, skipped @ralphbas 's reply… Never mind!

@DaveyV19, apparently I need to be resident in Germany for TradeRepublic… Or isn’t that correct?

From the website:

  • Du hast Deinen dauerhaften Wohnsitz in Deutschland
  • Du bist in Deutschland steuerpflichtig

@wesley, so according to your Excel sheet, if I have 2000 euro inleg, Degiro is the best bet…

When you invest mainly in ETF’s ABN Amro is cheaper. ETFS are free of charge. The service fee is 0.20% of your portfolio value a year.

For Belgium I’m looking into ING self invest right now. Seems like they have a similar cost structure as bux will have from april 1th but without monthly fees and a more secure feeling about it all.

yess, in Belgium ING self invest is really cheap, but they don’t have many products not even a lot of etf’s… Only most Dutch and Belgian stocks

I use it, but I am Dutch but I thought that they also did Belgium. Not sure though

I use 3 brokers (Netherlands), SAXO, DeGiro and BUX, each for their own specific purpose, market and or system.

That is purely personal feeling. I will never use iphone and I like DeGiro interface much more than BUX.
The cost/fees are facts

What do you mean everyone? The majority of iPhone users buy iPhone for the prestige of belonging. You’re only a poor soul if you have an android phone in the eyes of many Iphone users.
Then you pay 1000 euros for a phone with tech that is 2-3 years behind and a bad battery. Original accessories cost tons of money and not to mention repair parts.

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You take things way too serious. The fact is people like to buy iPhones as a status symbol, the price is a second thing. BUX was/is hot under young people because of its looks and easy to use/understand.

So not only because of its price. Mainly because of the look. The modern look of BUX helped them to grow really fast. (Give me 1 other app with a similar look at that time)

Now, during covid and global recession consumers aren’t spending that much on a broker’s platform anymore. One of the reasons why they’re asking a monthly fee now. Just to secure development and personal costs.

In the end they do this to stabilize the platform but it doesn’t help for the current users their feelings.

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