BTC Mining Stocks

I really hope BUX adds mining stocks before the bull run ends. You guys are missing out on some serious ROI opportunities. Not for the faint of heart though, pretty volatile stuff



















You are telling me this bull run will end?



Not until bux token goes to the moon plz :eyes:


:joy: Nice one !

I’d say it’s not beyond the realm of possibility we go parabolic from here. For sure - Willy Woo style.

In the most bearish scenario of a $135K top EOY a
couple of mining stocks thrown in will go a long way.
One more bull bear cycle before six digit prices will become the norm seems more likely to me though judging from fundamentals

I consider mining stocks relatively low risk leveraged btc trades which BUX Zero users now miss out on. It’s your call, dude.


On a serious note I agree with you, mining stocks would be a nice addition to BUX. I’m in Hut 8 with a different broker. Thanks for the list, going to check if there’s anything interesting for me to add to my portfolio. Do you have any favorites from your list if I may ask?

Also looking forward to BUX > moon and BTC > Willy Woo, sirs.


Look up Blonity and RandomInvestor on YouTube for deep dives and do your own research.

$BITF and SDGHI would be 2 good picks - Digihost made its debut today on the Nasdaq. HUT MARA RIOT ARB are solid with less growth potential

Looking to add some FORT to my basket and then I’m done.


To be clear, not financial advice- I consider mining stocks a mid to high risk trade. Well over 70% of my portfolio is in Bitcoin, pure and simple for the long term never to be sold.

Beginners should definitely not put their stack in mining stocks which is maybe the reason these stocks are not on BUX Zero in the first place.

I’d say altcoins are way riskier though and these ARE traded on BUX Crypto. I’ll retreat into my cave now.