BUG: Cant buy/sell

Hi there!

This evening I came across a bug, I think. While buying and selling the following crypto: BTC, BHC, ETH, XTZ as an example. I cannot buy this crypto or sell my own crypto.

For other example, I can buy and sell BUX and UNI.

Are more people experiencing this bug?


I had a weird thing aswell with buying the token. I wanted to use 100% of the free cash but “it took to long to make the order”.

But then i clicked on 50% and it worked, again i pressed 100% of the remaining money. It did not work.

I clicked 25_50_75% and they work but at the 100% of my free cash it has been giving the same note for the past two weeks.

A screenshot from that moment, it is in Dutch but in short what it says - it took longer than expected to place your order.


Hi @Jordeman and @Cobalt. The currencies you guys mentioned and the time might indicate it was the daily maintenance window. That’s most likely the reason why this happened.

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@fergus this might be but it was possible to buy multiple times with 25-50 and 75%. But not with the 100% option shown in the app. When maintanance happens neither should be possible if i am correct? Yet 3 of the 4 options did work at that time.

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Thanks for your reply!

Is there a standard daily maintenance? What time is it? (Dident know)

Maybe a pop-up would be nice to show up if there is a maintenace.