Bug report: BUX Breakdown notification not working

Recently I noticed the pop-ups upon opening the app, which notifies you of a new BUX Breakdown article. However, when I click on ‘read more’ nothing ever happens :thinking:. Nothing opens, nothing shows. The notification just closes.


Same here!

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Hi guys,

Thank you for the bug report! In was wondering if it still doesn’t work? We haven’t heard a lot of users about this bug.

I really hope that it works now, otherwise we would love to hear your feedback through our chat in our BUX Zero app :smiley:

Please let me know! :pray:

Hi @fergus, last time I checked it wasn’t working yet. But, I don’t know when the issue was solved. Will keep you posted if I spot it again.

Hi @Fergus , just opened the app and received the notification for the latest Breakdown. Clicked/pressed on the ‘Read now’ button, and nothing happened. Still not working. :thinking:

I read the article already, that’s not the problem. Received it in the mail as well. Just wanted to let you know that the app is not functioning properly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Cashcow, thank you for reporting this bug! I have forwarded this case to our product team. Hopefully, it will be solved asap :pray:t4: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: