Bug report

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to report bugs but I’ve encountered this bug with a couple of stock charts. You can see that the date label is cut off at the top. Am I the only one encountering this?


Hi @Redizio, yes this is the right place! Bug reports are more than welcome because it helps us improve the app! :smiley:

I tried the same (using iOS) and from what I’ve seen is that the chart needs to be visible in one overview because then the date label will be shown. Otherwise, when the chart is scrolled down a bit the date label will be cut off or not visible.


Hi @Fergus that is correct but what I’ve noticed:

  1. When you open a stock with a short name, the stock chart opens partly scrolled down and the date label is visible. (This because the name of the stock is short)

  2. When you open a stock/etf with a long name, the stock chart opens partly scrolled and the date label is invisible. When you then scroll slightly up on the stock/etf page the date label becomes visible. (Label invisble because the name is quite long)

Upon further inspection it probably isn’t a bug like you said and probably won’t need fixing. But I do think it is noteworthy.


Definitely worth mentioning, thank you so much @Redizio! I see exactly what you mean, great that you’ve spotted this :smiley:

I pass it on to the team :pray:t4: