Bulls & Bears playlist 📼

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Finally, our BUX superstar @stevan made his debut on national television. He appeared in the first episode of RTLs newest television show Bulls & Bears where he talked about ETFs. The full episode will be available soon and more episodes will be added to this post.

But let’s give @Stevan some love for his knowledge and tv skills. We can’t so see more educational content on television! :smiley:

Bulls & Bears Academy - aflevering 1: ETFs

Bulls & Bears Academy - aflevering 2: Dividend

Bulls & Bears Academy - aflevering 3: Waar haal je betrouwbaar beursnieuws?

Bulls and Bears Academy - aflevering 4: Grafieken

Bulls & Bears Academy - aflevering 5: IPO

Bulls & Bears - aflevering 6

Bulls & Bears - aflevering 7: Derivaten

Bulls & Bears - aflevering 8


Thanks @Fergus! Happy to be part of this and extremely happy that RTL, together with production company Q Broadcasting, made this possible. Having educational and enjoyable market content on TV is still a novelty in The Netherlands. With BUX we’re always encouraging our users to not just invest, but to really understand what they’re doing. Hopefully the Bulls & Bears Academy on nationwide TV will add to that.


Good morning all! Episode 2 of Bulls & Bears is now available online. Have you seen this new Dutch TV show for investors? Here’s my part, in which I’m talking about dividends.

Bulls & Bears Academy #2: Dividend