BUX and Crypto

Question to the OG BUX Zero users. What do you think of BUX integrating crypto into the platform?

With the amount of scam projects and huge volume fluctuations is it potentially unhelpful for new investors?

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Kind of a leading question isn’t it Kieran? :grin: “Bitcoin stole your ice cream as a kid… what do you think of Bitcoin?”

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Haha, wasn’t the intention to bring up the feeling of loss.

Do you think the reason why people don’t like Crypto is they feel they missed out?

I could have asked a better question. That would have taken more thought.

Let me try a more direct question.

Is the idea to invest into projects that we think will do better in the future?

If you don’t see Crypto being the future what would you invest in?

I honestly think there’s skepticism at the start of any major digital innovation. Just look at how the internet was received when it started. Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman even said it would make no bigger impact than the fax machine!

I think crypto will go through the same hurdles and, in the end, achieve the same amount of adoption.

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There is a lot to learn from a Paul Krugman character.

I heard something that I resonate with. Better to be a King first then a philosopher.

Street smarts are undervalued.

The adoption curve seems to be gaining momentum.

I think we are in the early transition phase to institutional and mainstream adoption. In the long run I think brokers will have to lower margins through fierce competition (read Strike near zero fees) and when eventually decentralized crypto exchanges arrive on the scene.

For mainstream adoption the brokers who do well will have a good UX, a wide choice of investments but above all take over the custodial function of traditional banks. Not everybody will want to store their crypto assets on hard wallets. Good staking opportunities should be offered to customers so long term liquidity is secured.

BUX really needs to step up their game as even basic withdrawal functionality is lacking at the moment. No staking options is gonna hurt growth too I’m afraid. I understand the regulatory pressures involved but capital wants to flow freely. Or stay there were it can accrue interest. BUX offers neither.

BUX does promise to offer the best integrated exchange package of traditional and crypto imho. Curious to see which strategic direction the ecosystem expands to - borrowing/lending, p2p coin swapping functionality, Lightning wallets a la Muun, custodial solutions, insurance packages


@Possie great breakdown of some main issues. What do you do? Pander to the regulators and drag further behind or try and innovative new and more effective financial systems?

Potential large upside being a market leader along with the inevitable downside of regulators crushing your business.

Shame as it does prevent greater financial experiments from being carried out. Those experiments seem only to be allowed for governments.

Is there a way to market yourself when you’re the good student that follows all the rules and is the one you’d trust to hold your lunch money? When the cool kids have all the attention.

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While I am no big fan of crypto myself, I do think it is a good move for BUX to integrate it into the Zero app
This will allow them to eventually transition to just one platform, instead of the current split with BUX Zero as an app and then BUX Crypto as a web interface
Hopefully this means we will get BUX Zero as a web interface finally as well

Personally, if I were an investor in crypto and stocks, I would love it if both were available in one app

I hate those companies that force you to install multiple apps from them just to get all different functionalities


@Stijnvi it does help having an all in one app. It’ll be interesting to see if BUX sees huge growth in users when it all comes together. It does seem that’s what people are saying they want.

I am not a fan of crypto’s so I don’t invest in them but I see them as a good way for BUX to make money for investments and with that money they can improve zero with more exchanges etc etc.

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Makes sense to increase revenue streams. How closely should BUX follow the trends? Crypto, then NFTs? Is it even a thing to be a NFT broker?

BUX Europes largest NFT broker🤷‍♂️


I like this name @Kieran ! :smiley:


If that’s not a thing it could be. Especially if BUX can safely store them in a safe wallet.

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