BUX API connections


I was wondering if BUX is working on a feature where we can generate API keys for other applications to read our data. For example I use the Delta mobile IOS application to track multiple portfolio’s, i.e. Crypto Porftolio, Stock Portfolio’s like DeGiro & BUX Zero. DeGiro allows you to connect your brokerage account to the application and give it permission with read-only access. This allows for automatic tracking of your portfolio.

Eager to hear some more :slight_smile:


Hey @Pauwtje it’s an interesting point you raise. We can indeed see the benefit of this and we’re not ruling it out for the future, but using an API will be attractive for a small % of our userbase. For now it’s not on our list of priorities. This is because we have more work to do on making the app easy to use, improving UX, introducing other features and in general making it a one stop shop for the majority of investors who use it (many of which are new to investing).


I see and understand. It just makes tracking easier for me in external apps. Wouldn’t a feature to export your history in a set date as .csv be a solution in the meantime?

That indeed could be a more realistic solution for the shorter term. I’ll share this with our product teams. Thanks for the input :facepunch:

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Nice! No problem, trying to do my part here in improving the product :wink:

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