BUX Broadcast Season 4 playlist 🇳🇱

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

The wait is finally over…

Our BUX superstar, the myth, the legend @Stevan is back with another season of the BUX Broadcast show.

He already did 3 successful seasons that you can watch here and here :smiley: but I’ve heard some rumors that season 4 will be another epic season :crazy_face:

Do you have some content ideas? Or guests that you would like to see on the show (Unfortunately, Elon Musk said he couldn’t come). Feel free to let us know! :brown_heart:

Enjoy watching! And new episodes will be added to this playlist :star_struck:


BUX Broadcast #39 | NIEUW! Crypto en fractionele aandelen op BUX Zero!

BUX Broadcast #40 | Eerste hulp bij een beursdip

BUX Broadcast #41 | Zo kijk je naar kwartaalcijfers

BUX Broadcast #42 | Cijfers van Nvidia en Airbnb

BUX Broadcast #43 | Vliegen met Virgin Galactic en meer spannende cijfers

BUX Broadcast #44 | Stagflatie en Bed, Bath gaat Beyond

BUX Broadcast #45 | Nu beleggen in cyber security?

BUX Broadcast #46 | We moeten praten over Alibaba

BUX Broadcast #47 | Stormachtig cijferseizoen op komst?

BUX Broadcast #48 | Het cijferseizoen barst los

BUX Broadcast #49 | Cijfers van Netflix, Tesla en meer!

BUX Broadcast #50 | Twitter wordt aangevallen!


@Stevan waar is de video over dollar coast averaging waarover je het hebt in #40? Dank je voor de video’s btw !!!


Hoi! Die kun je hier vinden: Dollar cost averaging | Beleggen met BUX experts - YouTube


Perfect, dank je!