BUX Commercial Behind The Scenes (BTS) 📽

Today we filmed our new commercial!! :zap:

Many thanks to everyone who was involved in this process, and especially those who had to shoot outside without sunscreen :sweat_smile: You are the real heroes!

And a special shout out to our Community Forum member @Karim who traveled all the way from Belgium to Amsterdam :star_struck:

Here are some behind the scenes snapshots

Last but not least, shout out to our creative duo @Kamiel & @Stevan :fire:

We can’t wait to show you guys the final result! :pray:t4:


Looking forward to see the results :innocent:

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Can’t wait to see this on tv

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Mee too! And we expect you to be in our next tv commercial @Cobalt :wink:

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If you remind me i sure will, also if you need any help or ideas, i am all for it! :v::sweat_smile:

Nice!! When on tv?


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This summer @Brinkie ! :grin: We can’t wait to see the final result :innocent:

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Looking good! Is the framed jersey in the 3rd picture from the Bux football team? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Haha yes! And signed by all the superstars that are working at our office :grin:

Is this commercial in Dutch only? Or dubbed/recorded in/to other languages as well? :slight_smile:

Dutch only for now. Do you mind doing some voice-overs in German or French? :grin: @CidKramer