BUX Community Forum stats 2021 🚀

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

The BUX Community forum hasn’t been active for a full year but we’ve already welcomed more than 1800 BUX Community members to our BUX Community Forum since March 1st, 2021!

We had a total of 637k page views so far! :eyes:

516 topics have been created :bulb:

3.9k post has been created :thought_balloon:

Our BUX Community members shared 8.1k likes with each other :brown_heart:

This year we had some pretty nice highlights on our BUX Community Forum.

  • The first highlight was our first AMA with our CEO @Yorick and is by far still the most popular on the BUX Community Forum :star_struck:

  • Right after Yorick’s AMA, we had our crypto boys @Krypto-Kai & @SebastiaanLichter doing a crypto AMA and this topic also went crazy (Shout out to our crypto community :heart_eyes:)

  • In June we shot a tv commercial at our BUX HQ and had people from the community joining. Who of you will be starring in our next tv commercial? :smirk:

  • We reached 1500 BUX Community Members in July :rocket:

  • In September we released our BUX NextGen Investor Report 2021 in which some BUX community members shared their investing experiences with us :handshake:

  • We also introduced Market News, topics where we discussed several companies separately :pushpin:

  • We added multiple community requested stocks/ETFs to the BUX Zero app, more to come next year! :new:

  • Last week we had BUX Community members starring in our BUX end of the year video :cool_doge_gif:

Most trending companies through the BUX Community Forum search bar

Most popular topics 2021

  1. AMA: Yorick the new CEO of BUX!

  2. AMA: Sebastiaan & Kai of BUX Crypto

  3. Introduce yourself to the community slight_smile

  4. BUX Memes Mania

  5. Improvements to the BUX Zero app

More BUX Community Forum stats will be shown on January 1st, 2022 by our forum software Discourse :smiley:

I want to thank you all for an amazing first year on the BUX Community Forum and I’m very excited about what 2022 has in store for us :rocket:

See you all in 2022! :ringer_planet:



Great work! BUX has already built a great community, but I feel like it’s just getting started. Really excited for 2022!


Super excited for 2022! I expect another great year for Bux to grow! Fractionals and crypto integration will push the platform a step higher. Hopefully we can see Bux report the annoying Belgian tax for us. That would be awesome!

Gogo Bux gogo🚀


Good job Fergus! Plus of course also good job to everyone posting in the community!