BUX Crowdfunding Bonus Tiers

Hi y’all!

The crowdfunding campaign on Seeders is off to a flying start, congratz!

My question however: when and how will the BUX Tokens and free Investment Plans be distributed that are part of the promotion?

Love to hear from you!

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Hi @PositionOfPower The goodies will be distributed once the funding round is over (when that will be is still not decided). Each person who is eligible will be informed via email at that time.


Dear Nige,

I see that the campaign closes on Friday, so the “BUX Fan” and the “BUX HODLer:” perk loses a lot of their value as they would only invest 1 or 2 investment plans for free (depending on whether they will be distributed before November 31st). Could you maybe elaborate on this?

Hey @PositionOfPower it will allow for 2 investment plans (November & December). Hope this clarifies