BUX crowdfunding cancelled

Do you know what happened with the BUX crowdfunding and why it was cancelled?

I got an email this morning that the the investment, that was closed, was cancelled and I can’t access the investor community anymore on Seedrs.

This is a very weird situation and I’d like to know what happened please.


I was wondering as well. The Telegram groups are running wild with speculation. I think a clarification would be welcome.

If BUX can’t clarify because of legal restrictions, then they should say so as well.


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Hello everyone, sorry about this. This is what has been said by @YorickBUX about Seeders:

Dear Seedrs investors,
Due to recent developments, we decided to adopt a different strategic approach to this fundraising, and this also required us to hit pause on our most recent crowdfunding campaign. Anyone that took part in the campaign will be refunded. As a previous investor in BUX, this change in direction requires no action from you. Your previous investments will remain unchanged. We remain focused on our mission to build the leading neobroker in Europe. And we are confident that we are taking the right steps towards our mission and offering our investment solution across Europe. We’ll share more information about our new strategic approach to fundraising in the coming weeks.
Thank you for your continued support of our business and our mission of building the leading neobroker in Europe.

I already was wondering what took so long. Normally, if you invest, it takes max two weeks before the paperwork is done. I pointed this out in the seeders group as well. And all the “Experts” told me that is normal. Bollocks. But to be sincere…even with the Goodies for investing…it was ill communicated. All the fundraising wasn´t really managed well.

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Hi @JPeters, @dogafincan, @Cobalt, and @Tillmatic - thanks for bringing up this topic and for your comments.

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t have any additional information on the BUX crowdfunding being cancelled. All information available is mentioned in the email you received this morning, reposted above by @Alicia. We regret informing you all this way.

More information about BUX’s new strategic approach to fundraising will be shared with you in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

This move has certainly not done your image very well and I can’t help but think that your “new approach” will be worse for the new investors.

Pulling a crowdfunding after it’s been successfully funded is a damaging move that doesn’t really inspire confidence.
Certainly not when it’s accompanied by such empty statements that don’t give an actual cause but uses obfuscating language in the hope it will fool investors into thinking they’ve been given an actual explanation.


Hi @JPeters, thank you again for your feedback.

I absolutely understand your frustration and disappointment. I assure you that more information will be shared as soon as possible on the reasoning behind this change.

Hi Elissa,

Thanks for getting back, can we get a hard date on that information instead of the nebulous “as soon as possible”.
Since you already know the reason why it was cancelled, it’s already possible to tell us.

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Hey @JPeters,

We’ll be communicating shortly, but I’m afraid I can’t commit to any more details at the moment.

They can know the reason, but for regulatory reasons not be allowed to tell us. If a merge or acquisition was about to happen, usually companies will let the public know after the fact.

Which brings me to my personal speculation: Blackrock has started investing in crypto-related companies a lot lately, and BUX cancelling their crowdfund just after the start of their partnership with Blackrock makes me think that Blackrock might invest in BUX.

Again, pure speculation. I realize the team won’t be able to confirm nor deny :smile:


Well I just found out. Missed the email I guess. I put in a token amount but still interested in the reason behind this. Right now it raises many questions and uncertainty. This isn’t a good look. But I reckon Bux has a good reason.

Anyhow I’ll be sticking to stock and bonds from now on.

And some crypto speculation on the side.:smile:

I was thinking along the same lines but it would be odd though, “our” investment was literal peanuts compared to all the investments made so there would be no real need to cancel it.
It’s not like we were going to have a majority stake in BUX or something.

We’ll see, shame it ended in such a farce though.

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Yeah it’s definitely not a good look. I’m sure they had their reasons though.

By chance…did anybody already get his return from seedrs? 8 days now and not yet there. Also not very professional.

I got them back, it just take time to process it.

Got them and already transferred to my bank.

Partially, he IDEAL transfer I got Today, the Bank transfer part is on the way.

Yeah, we will all become rich.

Just got an update…so N26 wanted to buy Bux…but than N26 retreated from deal