BUX Crypto Balance Sheet Overview missinng

I miss a dashboard where I can see the performance of my investments, like:

  • average price of investment (average buying price)
  • performance of investment in %

for example:

currency buy orders average buying price performance value
bitcoin 10 8.182 USD 29,67% 2.324 USD
stellar 4 0,052 USD 45,78% 456 USD

This is a key feature and a must have for ever investment platform. Without such an overview nobody has an overview about his investments/ average buy prices, ROI etc.

I wonder why this is still missing in BUX Crypto.


Thanks for the suggestion Fox! I will share it with the team and maybe Sebastiaan our Head of Product at BUX Crypto can come back to you about this. :slight_smile:


Hi @Krypto-Kai,

the balance sheet is still missing in bux crypto. An I still haven’t heard of @SebastiaanLichter.

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