Bux Crypto Fee

There are NO information at the Bux Crypto Desktop Version about how much in % are the fees for buying and selling cryptos.

There also NO information in the “terms and condition” document about the amount of fees that are charged with every buy and sell order.

Please provide these essential information.


You can find the fees here top right on the page.
0,5% fee on all trades
Hold 1000bux tokens trade for free and limited orders get reduced to 0,25%


Hi @fox, you can find all the information about trading fees and pricing of BUX Crypto here: https://bux-c.com/documents/BUX%20Crypto_Pricing.pdf

Hope this helps!


thanks Mike!

Thanks Demi!

But why isn’t it (0.5% fee) presented during a buy or sell order?
Why is there no such information anywhere on the dasboard and/ or buy/sell formular?

And why is there no link to the pricing list on the bux crypto website?

Hi @fox,

It actually is, you can click “Pricing” on the BuxC homepage and it will take you to the document @DemiBUX posted.


Thanks @Jim!