BUX Discord server

Good evening everyone,

I have taken it upon myself to make a discord server for the BUX community, since it’s just me for now, it’s rather bare but I hope that with more people we can make it a nice addition to this forum.

THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL SERVER, BUX does not condone it (yet) and they are not responsible for anything that happens on the server.

If you want to join, use this link: https://discord.gg/EwqDHp7tQC

I hope to see you there!



What can you do with this server?

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It is about app Discord. I don’t see any reason why I should download new app for chatting. What is wrong on WhatsApp? Or talking here?

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The most important question is can you post GIFs?
BUX up-1619409774584

Bux Crypto already has 3 telegram groups - 2 for chatting and an announcement one.

I agree Bux X can be quite lacking, except for commenting on channel owners posts but then the topics are quite limited to the channel owners content and who follows them.

I don’t know about Bux Zero, is not available here in the UK.

Maybe the discord is a nice idea. But this forum seems okay for know, aside from the posts sometimes take a while to get approved.

Check out the dumb money live discord for some ideas.

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There is nothing wrong with whatsapp or this forum, but a server such as that is a bit easier to have conversations with.

Just an addition to this forum, a bit less formal maybe.

Hi @kyudomaster interesting one! I’m going to discuss it today with the BUX team and then I’ll come back to you. Cool idea :smiley:

@Kieran of course you can post gifs, Discord was originally made for gamers of course!

@Fergus thanks!

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