Bux displaying wrong information like usual

Alphabet is down 7%. These kind of mistakes are not okay and can influence investors making wrong decisions… Hotfix please

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Hi @Frisoke thanks for sharing this - I assume you are referring to the %change (-0,28%) and compared to a rising chart this does indeed look a bit confusing. We compare the current price to the close price of the day before (not the open of the current day) which why we see the negative % performance here. I’ll bring this up with our team and see how we can make this clearer for our users.

Yeah I was wondering about this as well, the price action of a lot of stocks were a bit confusing yesterday.

In pre-market of Seeking Alpha, Google was down nearly 8% yet when it opened on BUX it showed under 1%.
Same for Microsoft for instance.

I’m also just looking into what closing price we’re using here and why the large drop from 25th is not reflected. Will keep you posted

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@Frisoke The team has indeed identified some recent inconsistencies in the closing prices that we have been receiving and displaying. They’re now working on improving this. Thanks again for flagging the issue.

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Good news and thanks for the fast response :slight_smile:

Same story with Meta

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Also Alphabet PER is wrong too.
It shows almost 0,92 but we are at 17. I think this is because Alphabet has 3 class of actions.
Same thing with the BPA displayed : 113$ vs 5$ in reality.

Really sorry you’re all being impacted by this. This issue is likely to impact many US stocks, like I mentioned it’s related to inconsistencies in the close price that we’re receiving for the previous day. The team is working on a fix and also taking a broader look at the quality of price data. Hoping the issue is resolved asap! Have a good day all.


Just a note, I seen it before on Mondays.
Seems a weekend issue.
But lately my specific fund was off on another day as well, like no change between the previous day or so.

Since you’re on it, no need to respond to me…

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