BUX needs your help- How do you consume financial news? 🗞

Hello everyone,

I’m Miguel, Product Lead at BUX. Nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:

I wanted to start a discussion around Financial News for Stocks/ETFs investors.

  • From what sources do you consume Financial News?
  • How do you use the information you get from the news?
    • To decide in what to invest?
    • To understand what’s going on with your investments?
    • To get a general idea of what’s going on in the market?
  • Do you usually consume them in English, in your native language, or both?

Feel free to comment on anything else related to this topic.

Thank you!



Consume financial news: Reddit mainly and links to media like Financial Times etc. from there

How do I use info:

  • Critically read, do fundamentals make sense?
  • Analyse sentiment: are people overly optimistic / pessimistic?
  • New opportunities? I recently learnt for example about Pancakeswap because of this (and bought Bux tokens there!)

I consume them in English, even though I’m Dutch.

I understand what’s going on with my investments through an app called Delta.

Hope that helps!


Most of my reading is done on Seeking Alpha, got a shadow portfolio on there with all the stocks I find interesting and I read most articles written on them by both professional and amateurs.

But more importantly I read both the positive and the negative articles. Because only that way you can form a balanced opinion on a stock.

Besides reading I have a selection of Youtube channels I follow of various investors.

Even though I’m Dutch like Pancake above me, I also consume all my financial news in English.


Thanks a lot for the responses, @JPeters and @PancakeBux! That was a really helpful!:slight_smile:

Besides the tools you guys mentioned, do you also read any type of digest / daily brief / newsletter to get a big picture of what’s going on in the market?

Hi Miguel, not me, as I’d feel one person ‘curating’ the information would make it too biased. Like JPeters I prefer to read both sides of the coin which almost necessarily has to come from multiple different sources,

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Likewise, I don’t feel one source/writer gives you the ability to form a balanced opinion.

As for daily news on what is going on in the market: Investing is a long term game so the day to day fluctuations are irrelevant to me.
If I invest in a company it’s because it’s growing it’s revenue and rewarding shareholders, as long as it remains doing so whatever the market does is largely irrelevant to me.
Unless of course the market decides to melt down yet again and give me a discount on my favourite companies, but in that case it will be over every news source, even the ones unrelated to finance.


Thanks once again for the contributions, @PancakeBux and @JPeters!


From both forums as wel as the regular news agencies like Telegraaf, financiële dagblad etc. And lately a lot from YouTube. Investors that I follow that make explanatory videos, sometimes I even invest based on their ‘advise’. I have the feeling that many young people do that nowadays.


I consume my news reading the annual reports and the quarterly reports (numbernerd) I also listen much podcasts and if their is a big happening I am gonna read several articles about it