BUX Newsflash - 05.03.2021

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to the second BUX newsflash on the forum! During this bi-weekly update we’ll make sure to inform you on what the teams of BUX Zero, Crypto & X have been working on and share our latest and coolest updates :boom:.

BUX Zero

  • During this month, we’ll be adding 50 new shares every week in the app. The new products section in the app will always show the latest shares.

  • Missed the latest BUX Broadcast? You can rewatch episode #5 and #6, we’re discussing the latest markets related news and provide some more insights about Zero.

  • The app teams are developing a new and large update in full force. What are they working on? You’ll get to see the results next month.

BUX Crypto

  • This week we selected and performed due diligence on three new crypto assets to list on the platform next :eyes:.
  • The team worked on enabling users to provide additional documentation more easily so they can pre-approve and unlock their tier 2 account. This will smoothen the experience when you deposit larger amounts.


  • The team has made great progress on Dark Mode. We’re about to finish social, our most complex app section.

Cool! Looking forward to these coming changes