BUX Newsflash - 07.01.2022 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Welcome to the year 2022! The year that we started with our big fractional investing update, did you all already see it in the BUX Zero app? Now you can buy fractions of a share on BUX Zero - making the most valuable stocks more accessible and affordable. Invest in companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and more from just €10 :smiley:

Luckily I got more news for you because it has been a busy couple of weeks for us so far! So please grab a seat, put your reading glasses on and start reading because it’s going to be an exciting BUX Newsflash like usual! :fire:

What do we have regarding BUX Zero?

  • Before the end of the year we released the Earnings/Dividend calendar. Our loyal Community member @JPeters started a feedback topic, feel free to add your suggestions that we can look into right before the next iterations! :right_anger_bubble:

  • Multiple bug fixes: PE ratios should be shown in the BUX Zero app the correct way. In case something is still missing or incorrect please let us know in the Product Feedback section :hammer_and_pick:

  • Public Beta testing has started! Community members already tried out trading in cryptos these last couple of days and provided our team with some powerful feedback :raised_hands:t4:

  • Like I mentioned in the intro our big fractional investing update is live! Can you guess the next big update? :eyes:

  • Irish investing YouTuber and BUX Community Member @InvestWithDarren released a cool review video of our fractionals investing update. You can check it out here! :tv:

  • Market News will be back on Monday! :newspaper:

And what BUX Crypto highlights do we have?

  • Bitcoin traded sideways at around $46,000 these last couple days :bitcoin_png:

  • The last couple of weeks we’ve added the following assets to BUX Crypto Internet Computer (ICP) and SushiSwap (SUSHI). More new assets will be following soon :new:

  • This month we will provide a complete overview of our product and development roadmap now that we started with a new year :world_map:

BUX in the media

BUX was mentioned in several Spanish, English, French, Austrian, Belgian and Dutch news articles all following our big fractionals investing update! Great to see BUX in the news across Europe. More BUX news articles will be flying around the internet very soon, so keep an eye out :eyes:

This is it for now :smiley: If you liked reading our bi-weekly BUX Newsflash please give it a :brown_heart: and I’m hoping to see you back within two weeks with some more BUX news and cool updates :rocket:


Would you rather get a million dollars right now, or $100,000 a year for ten years? :thinking:

  • Get a million dollars right now!! :money_mouth_face:
  • 100k yearly for 10 years :money_with_wings:
  • Idk, just give me 500k now and 500k over 10 :cool_doge_gif:

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100K yearly actually, even though you lose some buying power due to inflation, the market is hugely over-valued at the moment in most sectors with very little value to be had.

Spreading out the income ensures you don’t spend it all on the bubble :slight_smile:

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Great stuff! Looking forward to the new roadmap for BUX Crypto! :world_map::rocket:


IDK man, seeing how the house prices are not going to slow down any time soon, It wouldn’t surprise me if you bought a 500k house now, it would be 1mil in 10 years time. :sweat_smile:

Stock markets are not the only thing you can invest your mil in. ^^

But even with that, in general stock markets go up around 10% a year and inflation makes money go down by a few %. So its still more value to have it now, even if there will be a crash in the near future (the 2008 crash took around 3-5 years to recover for most sectors). Diversifying is of course always key when using this argument, and some safe assets.


No! Please just tell us @Fergus ! :tired_face:


I think it starts with a c… :thinking:


Crypto and Zero sitting in a tree… K.I.S.S.I.N.G.


Omg duhh :man_facepalming:t2: haha I guess I forgot it’s not live yet already being in the beta hahaha