BUX Newsflash - 08.04.2022 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

I’m back with another BUX bi-weekly Newsflash. Again, it has been another interesting couple of weeks on the stock market lately with Elon Musk joining Twitter’s board buying after taking a $2.64bn stake to Warren Buffet buying an 11.4% stake in HP.

Also, earnings season is about to get started again which means you can expect a lot of content from us. So stay tuned about all the exciting news coming up! :fire:

What BUX Zero news updates do we have?

  • We are also currently working on a new app update including some cool new features :star_struck:

  • On Monday we are going to have a very special announcement. Please go follow our global BUX Instagram page if you are curious :eyes:

  • More ETFs will be added to BUX Zero in the upcoming weeks :rocket:

  • We are going to shoot the last 2 episodes of Bulls & Bears season 2. If you want to watch the episode you can watch them all here :film_projector:

  • Big Shout out to my colleague @BenedettaBUX for writing her first-ever BUX column. The idea behind her column is to do this on a monthly basis and to give more company insights. Don’t forget to show her some love guys :brown_heart: :butterfly:

  • Price alerts will be in the BUX Zero app visible (again) soon for Android and iOS! If you haven’t seen it yet feel free to check out a sneak preview below :point_down:t4:

You can also use the %s to make it yourself even easier :slight_smile:

What BUX Crypto updates do we have?

  • Bitcoin has been struggling to break the $47,000 resistance :bitcoin_png:

  • the biggest Bitcoin Conference is still going on in Miami, if you want to get some more info about the event check out this link!

  • More assets are going to be added in the upcoming month to BUX Zero :new:

  • Once the Roadmap is fully finished it will be visible on the BUX Community Forum as well :world_map:

  • Next BUX crypto AMA will be on April 22, if you have questions already feel free to ask them. BTW I’ve heard some rumors that there will also be a special guest…

So this is it for now :slight_smile: I will be back with more BUX Updates very soon. Enjoy your weekend :brown_heart:


Would you rather go to jail for 10 years for stealing $1 million but get to keep it when you get out (because you hid it) or be on the run for the rest of your life with none of the money but get to avoid jail? :thinking:

  • I’m going to jail, bye! :policeman:t4:
  • I’ll be on the run :running_man:t4: :dash:
  • Idk, I’m satisfied with the life I’m living right now :relieved:

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Thank you Fergus for the shoutout, always super nice :muscle:t3:
And yeppp several things are ready to be shown with the rest of the world, so, dear BUX community, let’s prepare yourself :hugs:




Does this include VWCE? :grin:


@Fergus , will there be :new: crypto assets this month or next month?


Probably in between, so first week of May :eyes:


Wow that’s :buxish:!!

So there’s a good chance we’ll read about this in the next NEWSFLASH, the NEWSFLASH comes every 2 weeks right, so tomorrow?


Yes you are right and yes you just mentioned a highlight of tomorrow’s BUX Newsflash :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Brinkie aka :male_detective:

I keep a close eye on everything :sweat_smile::wink: