BUX Newsflash - 11.03.2022 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

How’s everything going? First of all thanks for all the ‘get better soon’ messages :pray:t4:

I just recovered from COVID and wasn’t able to put some decent BUX updates on paper so that’s the reason why we had no bi-weekly BUX Newsflash last Friday.

But luckily the show goes on! This time I’ve got some new cool BUX updates that I would love to share with you all. So be ready and enjoy the good morning read! :newspaper:

What BUX Zero news updates do we have?

  • Amazon announced its first stock split since the dot-com boom, telling investors on Wednesday that they’ll receive 20 shares for each share they currently own.

  • We are currently working on price alerts. Soon you will be able to set an alert at a target price for a product :alarm_clock:

  • New ETFs are on their way and will be tradable in de BUX Zero app soon :rocket:

  • Our Fractional February promo was a great success, here’s the post about the lucky winners. Do you guys have an idea of what promo we should do next? :smirk:

And what about the BUX Crypto updates?

  • The bitcoin price went below $40,000 and almost wiped out gains from Biden’s crypto executive order :bitcoin_png:

  • We’ve worked on adding an additional level of security to your account. Now, when you want to initiate a crypto withdrawal on your BUX Crypto account you must also provide a 2FA verification before the crypto withdrawal will be processed. This feature is now live! :closed_lock_with_key:

  • Roadmap 2022 & Utility improvements are on it’s way, please stay tuned :pray:t4:

  • Now it was Ivo his turn on national television where he talked about decentralized finance (DeFi). Who do you want to see next on the Bulls & Bears television show? :eyes:

  • Once again shout out to @kuike for creating a @BUXCommunityBot on Telegram. You can use the bot in a private conversation or in the main BUX Community Telegram channel :iphone:

BUX in the media :camera_flash:

  • @YorickBUX sat down with Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau and Joe Wilson in Season #2 of Techleapnl The Scale lab to discuss how BUX is transforming the way people invest.

  • BUX Content Lead @Ange_BUX sat down with Austrian Business Woman to talk about why it’s necessary to close the knowledge gap and start owning your financial future sooner.

  • Our BUX Community Forum founder @Krypto-Kai had a chat with Handelsblatt in Germany to talk about the price of Bitcoin.

  • It was Ivo’s turn again to show up on the Bulls & Bears television show and to discuss the basics of NFTs.

We still have many open vacancies! So, if you are interested or know someone who might be interested in joining our BUX team, feel free to check out the open positions.

So this is it for now :smiley: I hope to see you back within two weeks! Please enjoy the sunny weather and don’t forget to :brown_heart: this post!


Would you rather win the lottery but lose all your friends or lose all your money but find your soulmate :thinking:

  • Win the lottery duhh! (more money to invest :money_mouth_face:)
  • Lose all my money, friendship over everything :people_hugging:
  • Idk, I’m happy about my current situation in life :man_shrugging:t4:

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Nice price alerts :rotating_light:


How about a crypto promo, where one person gets a chance to get a certain coin when they trade at least X amount of Bux token. :smirk:


Glad to see you survived it! :muscle: (I’m in the middle of surviving it :clown_face::gun:) Feels like pretty much everyone in the Netherlands got it after Carnaval, or in my case, from someone who got it from Carnaval. :sweat_smile:

Was happy to see this and the buyback. Luckily saved my Portfolio from a freefall yesterday. :scream:


Next promo idea: roadmap presentation and token PR


Get well soon @Mixer :pray:t4:


Good to see you came through it (COVID), thanks for the updates again!