BUX Newsflash - 14.05.2021

Hi everyone,

Welcome back by another bi-weekly newsflash! We’ll make sure to keep you informed on the latest news about BUX Zero, BUX Crypto, and BUX X :fire:

BUX Zero

  • A lot of new stocks have been added to our BUX Zero app, more will be following this upcoming week!
  • We have two new episodes of our BUX Broadcast and BUX Börsenausblick that you can find here.

BUX Crypto

  • Bitcoin prices dropped again below $50.000 after Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla won’t accept Bitcoin as a payment.
  • Mainly because of this news we saw the highest average volumes on the BUX Crypto platform in history.
  • As you might already know there’s a Crypto AMA coming with our Head of Strategy @Krypto-Kai and Head of Product - Crypto @SebastiaanLichter. You are all very welcome to ask all of your crypto-related questions.


  • Besides the Dark Mode project, our design team is also exploring options for a new Light Mode design. This is still very much an explorative stage :sunglasses:

Also, we still have many open vacancies! So, if you are interested or know someone who might be interested to join our team, feel free to check out the open positions :smiley:

Enjoy your weekend and we see you soon with the latest BUX news!