BUX Newsflash - 15.10.2021 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

It’s your favorite day of the week because you know that your favorite bi-weekly BUX Newsflash will be uploaded on the BUX Community Forum! So take a seat, grab a coffee or tea, and put on your reading glasses because our bi-weekly BUX Newsflash is about to start! :zap:

So, what news do we have regarding BUX Zero?

  • We added the highly requested ticker symbols and ISIN numbers to the BUX Zero app, more cool updates are about to come! :sunglasses:
  • This week we had a special guest at our BUX HQ! Our day one BUX Community member @Cobalt stopped by to shoot a BUX Broadcast video with our superstar @stevan. The video will be uploaded on our YouTube channel soon! :film_strip:
  • We will be adding new ETFs to the BUX Zero app very soon, thanks everyone for requesting :raised_hands:t4:

And what BUX Crypto highlights do we have?

  • Bitcoin climbed above $59,000 this morning for the first time since April :boom:
  • Last weekend the $BUX token was added to Orion protocol, a decentralized trading platform that aggregates liquidity from multiple exchanges :handshake:
  • We listed Orion Protocol (ORN), The Graph (GRT) & Chiliz (CHZ) and they can now be traded directly with Euro or Bitcoin! :money_with_wings:
  • The Token bridge will be launched today, follow the BUX Crypto Twitter account for more updates :smirk:

This time I have also news regarding BUX X

  • The migration process is well underway. All BUX X users have received an email from us where we ask you for permission to transfer their account. Please do so if you are planning on using BUX X! :pray:t4:
  • We will be creating a mega battle (50+ users) :boxing_glove:
  • Do you guys like dark mode? :dark_sunglasses:

BUX in the media

  • We were mentioned in Workjuices article about ETF investing! :moneybag:
  • @YorickBUX was invited for the podcast Searching for Mana to talk about The Rise of the Gen Z Investors with Lloyd Wahed of Mana Search. You can listen to the podcast by clicking on this link :headphones:
  • We are nominated for the Technology Fast 50 by @Deloitte. Our ranking will be announced during the Awards Ceremony in Amsterdam on November 9th, 2021 :trophy:
  • Today the winner of the CashCow award for Best Broker will be announced, we want to thank everyone for voting! Hopefully, we can bring the trophy home :houses:

This was it, for now, make sure to enjoy your weekend and we see each other in two weeks! Ooh and for the Dutch BUX users have fun this weekend when you are going to Amsterdam Dance Event!


Would you rather talk like Batman or Mickey Mouse for the rest of your life? :thinking:

  • Like Batman, duhh! :bat:
  • Micky Mouse’s voice is banging! :mouse:
  • I rather don’t talk instead :no_good_man:t4:

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The podcast with Yorick was really interesting! Thanks for sharing it here!

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Can we get podcasts in English too please :slight_smile:


More English content is coming and we are still exploring the options of presenting market news visually in English :smiley:

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Btw @Fergus just wanted to ask a short question,

In the crypto section you said the token bridge was launching (friday). I haven’t heard anything from it or any news on twitter, is there a delay, or is it already out and I missed the news? :sweat_smile:

I don’t mind, but I’m just curious! :eyes:

(P.S. I just saw the Bux token trading competition on twitter, really like that kind of promotion!)


Very sharp of you. We postponed, but please keep an eye out for this week :smirk: